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Samara Region Museums

Museum visits are not about dusty artefacts. In the Samara Region, museums provide an educational insight of our culture, history and contemporary themes.

If you want to understand what makes the Samara Region tick, visit museums wherever you go. Finding out the why, where, how and who in any town or city adds an extra layer to your travel experience.

Each of our museums has its own specialities. Samara Region attracts tourists not only by the unique beauty of its landscapes but also by its cultural heritage. The roots of the regional cultural and artistic traditions run deep.

There are more than 160 museums in Samara region: museums of local lore, history and economy with unique archaeological collections, numismatics, art museums with collections of Russian icons and Russian avant-garde canvasses, memorials of A. Tolstoy and I. Repin.

Small museums also deserve your attention, because they’re often eccentric and surprising.