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If you are fond of new experiences , emotions, dating, sounds, music, dance beats against the stunningly beautiful landscapes, you are to come to the Samara Region - a region where every weekend marked by interesting festival.

Rock and classic, jazz and bard songs with a guitar, drum beats and electronic music on the banks of the Volga  River, as well as gastronomic and children's festivals, sport events, quests, theatrical performances which occur in the middle of a modern city, large-scale open- airs, gathering more than three hundred thousand participants, and chamber festivals for like-minded people to performances by world-renowned artists, and making their debut to the public - that's a short list of festival destinations of the Samara region, among which everyone will find something interesting for himself.

Modern tent cities sprouting up around the main festival grounds in the most picturesque places of the Samara region, now equipped with numerous cafes and bars, showers and parking lots, shopping and gift series and the mandatory area Wi-Fi, to enable real- time sharing with friends impressions of travel round the Samara Region .

You just have to choose what event-driven direction that would fit for you and here it is - stay there!