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Ilya Repin’s museum

14, Sovetskaya Street, Zhigulevsk, Shiryaevo, 443000

Tel: (848 62) 33-7712

In 1870 I.E. Repin, his brother Vasiliy, F.A. Vasiliev and E.K. Makarov made their unforgettable journey along the Volga. Having traveled hundreds of kilometers along the river they chose the Shiryaev Dully (Shiryaevo). 

They spent the whole summer in Shiryaevo and Repin made sketches for his famous picture “The Burlaks on the Volga” there.

The museum of the great Russian artist Ilya Efimovich Repin was opened in the village of Shiryaevo after 120 years had passed. In the restored homestead buildings typical of the village of the 19th century there is an exhibition presenting facsimiles of numerous materials exercised by the artists during that memorable summer. Some copies of paintings which nowadays are exhibited in The Russian Museum, in the Tretyakov Gallery and in many other art collections of the country are also presented there.

A special place is given to the history of creation of the painting “The Burlaks on the Volga”. The sketches presented there give us an opportunity of tracing the birth of the canvas from the initial idea up to the final variant.

Every year on August, 5 (Repin’s birthday) a merry celebration is held right in the village street in front of the museum. Amateur drama actors and young musicians perform episodes from the hundred year’s old history of the village and Ilya Efimovich himself suddenly appears together with the band of burlaks…

Shiryaev Dully (Buerak) like a treasure of the Zhiguly Mountains has become a favorite place for the rest and excursions for tourists. And it is “The Zhiguly Barbizon” – a superb school of painting for young artists.

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