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Syzran is an old town lying on the banks of the five rivers. It is different historical and cultural uniqueness, unique natural landscape, favorable geographical position.

Sizran kept appearance merchant Volga city of the XIX century. The whole city center is a single urban ensemble, well preserved to this day. In the city, located 143 monuments of history, culture and architecture. Among them - the Orthodox churches, merchant manors, marvelous examples of wooden architecture.

Sizran - the only city in Samara Oblast, where preserved ancient Kremlin. In the centuries stood stone Spassky Tower, and located on the territory of the Kremlin Church of the Nativity. They are objects of cultural heritage of federal importance, and the Kremlin - a monument of archeology.

Another Orthodox sanctuary cities - Kazan Cathedral, consecrated in honor of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God. The temple was built in the second half of the XIX century at the expense of citizens. Church embodies the best traditions of Russian church architecture. For example, its five domes represent the Lord Jesus Christ and the four evangelists.

Sizran famous and bright, colorful festivals. Chief among them - is "Syzransky tomato" and "Silver Trumpets Volga."




" Syzransky tomato ." Eat juicy tomatoes can you. Come to this Volga town in August. At the time of the celebration of tomato Sizran literally transformed. Area appear " Tomato Paradise", " tomato area ," alley " Tomatoes my raskudryavye " " Diner Alley" and other colorful carnival begins when a ship is approaching the pier " Santo Tomato ." Then, the city hosts a parade and numerous competitions . Competent jury selects "Miss tomatoes " and " Mr. Tomato ." In the sky a huge run " Signor Tomato ." Not do without the tomato battle.

For many years, come to the feast not only for tourists from neighboring regions of Russia, but also guests from abroad. So , for several years enjoyed a "taste" of tomato carnival French.



" Silver Trumpets Volga ." This international festival is the highlight of a truly European scale . Among its members many Russian bands and orchestras European countries - Italy, France , Macedonia, India, China, Serbia, Spain . No coincidence that the festival is held in Syzran. In this town live and develop four orchestras , one of which - the military !

Over the past years the festival " Silver Trumpets Volga " was for residents of Samara region a kind of encyclopedia of creativity different nations. Now it apart orchestras participating choirs and folk groups .


Sizran - the third most populous city and the industrial capacity province after Samara and Togliatti. The city is situated on the right bank of Saratov Reservoir of the Volga River . Year of Education - 1796 . Area - 117 square meters. km . Population - 179 thousand people . Distance to Samara - 137 km .

By rail Sizran drive any CIS country .

Main Rivers

Syzranka , Volga


Main industries : heavy industry, light and food industries , construction, transport , small business , trade.

Other Points of Interest

City Museum. It all started with the organization in 1923 Agricultural Exhibition. In August 1924, the museum was transferred to the Kremlin grounds with buildings watchtower and Nativity of Christ Cathedral . The following year the museum fund replenished with proceeds from the former manors : Gagarin in the village Zaborovka , Usolsky fiefdoms Count Orlov - Davydov , Nasakina estate in the village Gubino . Today, the museum you will see a collection of coins , archaeological collection , a collection of photographs of the revolutionary period , iconography and rare books , and more. etc.




Syzransky Drama Theatre. Tolstoy was founded in 1870 by a local merchant. First it was a summer theater called "The Hermitage." The official opening was held in a stationary building in 1918.





Syzran Higher Military Aviation School , and now a branch of the Air Force Academy named after NE Zhukovsky and Yuri Gagarin , is the country's only domestic educational institution in the field of pilot training on helicopters military aircraft. Prepared here are mostly foreigners.

Many graduates Syzransky military aviation institute became masters of sports of the USSR and Russia , Heroes of the Soviet Union and earned the title of Hero of Russia. The names of several graduates entered the Guinness World Records .

Holy Ascension Monastery, etc. From 1685 the entire complex of monastic buildings preserved Church of the Assumption (1738). Work is underway to restore the monastic buildings. In the former monastery is the largest land area of ​​the city - the South-West.





The main street is a single Soviet urban ensemble of buildings. Like the rest of the historic city center, is made in a variety of architectural styles. Interesting wooden carvings on the streets of Sverdlov, Ulyanovsk, Kirov, International.

Syzranskaya GES - Volga hydropower firstborn came into operation in 1929 and still works. Is the only hydroconstructions beginning of the electrification plan, which has survived in its original form. The building houses the Museum of Syzran HPP.





Arboretum. Located in the south of the city, at the Saratov highway. Area of ​​8 hectares, about 110 species of plants.


Website of the city administration - http://adm.syzran.ru/

Information portal - http://syzran-small.net/

Tourist portal of Syzran: http://travel.syzran.ru/

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