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Zhigulyovsk - the picturesque town of Samara region and only on the Samara Bend . Counting the years he leads since 1952 , but the history of settlement and development of the region is rooted deep into centuries . Now Zhigulyovsk is the administrative center for care of a Zhigulyovskiy reserve and national park " Samara Bend ."

One of the main architectural attractions of the city - it Zhygulivs'ka hydroelectric . According to her dam you drive before getting into Zhigulyovsk by Samara and Togliatti . More information about GES will tell you in the historical museum " Samara Bend ." The museum has collected extensive material on the history of the construction of hydroelectric power station - photos , notes, letters , memories of the Great construction , paintings , models of turbines, hydropower , gateways made ​​GES employees . A lot of information and history of the region . The museum will offer you a variety of tours , including hiking and bus : " From the first to the center of tourism industries ," " They were the first ", " nature attractions Samara Luka ," " Things Bald Mountain ", " Oil rigs in Lada ", " history of the city in the names of streets and squares , "" Legends and tales of the Samara Bend "etc.

In addition to the museum, be sure to visit Zhiguliovsk skyline street Victory Park Soldier- Liberator . Will not leave you indifferent and main natural attractions of the city neighborhoods : Cone and Mogutovo mountains , cliffs and Rocky Two brothers ( Stalin ) , Bald Mountain and the mouth of the valley Morkvashinskoy .

Zhigulyovsk located on the right bank of the middle reaches of the Volga in the northern part of the National Park "Samara Luka" in the valleys Zhiguli Mountains . Year of Education - 1952 . Area - 60.7 m. km . Population - 57.6 thousand people. Distance to Samara - 96 km . In the village of the town includes Apple Ravine , Zolnoe settlement , settlement Hercules , the village and the village Shiryaevo Bahilova Polyana .

Zhigulyovsk linked by rail with Syzransky railway junction and is one of the links of a ring road around the Samara Bend Passes through the city road of national importance Moscow-Samara .

The main rivers - the Volga

Economy . Major industries - power generation, engineering, mining and production of construction materials , food industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.
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Cliff Stone Falcon or Petrov , Goran Popov , Collegiate Mountain , Rock Sheludyak , Cold spring , spring Bakhilovskoe , Orenburg postroad stele «First Devonian oil in the USSR" , building KFOR "Oilman" , galleries and factory village " Burlak " settlement building and plant Vanyushina , Morkvashinskaya road, the church of St. Nicholas in the village of Sunny Meadow , the church of St. John of Kronstadt Zhiguliovsk , a temple in honor of Our Lady of Vladimir Zhiguliovsk , X century fort on Mount Bald .

The village Zolnoe a museum - theater "Zhygulivskaya tale ." Here you will hear not only Russian , Mordovia , Chuvash tales and legends of the Samara Bend , but also see their main characters. In addition , the museum you will be able to become a hero of any fairy tale and even come up with a new tale plot .

Website of the city administration - http://zhigulevsk.org/

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