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Near Kinel and close to Alexeevka village (included in the urban district) is a monument to the family Volodichkinyh. It was installed May 7, 1995 for the 50th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

This monument mother who took the war all nine sons : six died at the front , three died later from his wounds.

Before World War II in the village Alexeevka family lived Volodichkinyh : head of family Volodichkin Pavel , his wife Praskovja Eremeevna (1874-1943) and nine sons - Alexander , Andrew, Peter , John , Basil, Michael Constantine , Theodore and Nicholas. Pavel died in 1935 . When the war began , all nine sons Volodichkinyh went to the front .

Five of them were killed in 1941-1943 , another - in January 1945 . Three returned to the village after the victory with severe wounds that soon brought them to the grave. Praskovja Eremeevna they did not wait - her heart could not take the loss . With her youngest son she did not even say goodbye before it is sent to war. He ended active service in the Trans-Baikal, were waiting for him back home, but he went to the front without visiting his native village . Driving their homes , he only threw out the window of the van rolled tube note: " Mom, my own mother . Do not fret , do not worry. Do not worry. Going to the front. We divide the fascists and all back to you. Wait . Your Kolka . "

Alexeyev school teacher Nina Kosarev own initiative began to create a museum of the legendary family back in the 1980s , placing it in a small room of the house where the family lived Volodichkinyh . Over the years it has managed to collect a lot of exhibits and documents.

The initiative belonged to the construction of a monument to the working group of the regional Memory Book . May 7, 1995 , on the eve of the 50th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War , the grand opening of the memorial Volodichkinyh family . On the opening day of the monument, which had become a tourist attraction of international significance , memorial attended by more than five thousand people. During the first ten years of its existence the museum it was visited by about 150,000 people from all corners of the earth . Among the visitors were American millionaires , and Norwegian tourists , and Alexander Solzhenitsyn .

Monument Volodichkinyh family - is a stele of pink and gray granite 11.5 meters tall. 9 bronze cranes (100 pounds each) wedge go to heaven . In ikonoobraznom airspace - a bronze sculpture of a mother Praskov'ia Yeremeyevna Volodichkinoy ( 4.5 tons and 5.5 meters high ) .


Kinel is located in the east area. Year of Education - 1944 . Area - 36.75 square meters. km . Population 30 , 8 thousand people. Distance to Samara - 41 km .

Main Rivers

Bolshoy Kinel , Samara


In the city there are factories for the production of seals rezinoprobkovogo material, rubber products, parts for automotive plastics , PET- forms , furniture factory , the food industry , brick and cement factories, garment factory .

Kinel - major parts of the Kuibyshev railroad , the largest marshalling yard network values ​​.

Other Points of Interest

George temple , whose construction began in September 2005 , is located near the park of Glory ( Kinel ) , where marble plaques inscribed the names of the dead soldiers for the motherland .

In 1970 Kinel Victory Park was laid with an obelisk in memory of those killed at the front countrymen . Obelisk is a truncated quadrangular pyramid with a five-pointed star on top and with bas-relief of the Gold Star of the Hero of the Soviet Union on the obverse. In 1985 the park was renovated. Today obelisk - a composition of three infantry rifle aimed skyward , with the Eternal Flame at the bottom.

Website of the city administration - http://www.kinelgorod.ru/

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