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Regional festivals

With time Samara Region has gained a diverse bouquet of traditions and customs, the zeal of pagan holidays and tender romance of author’s songs, the tireless strength of sport excitement and craving for the new achievements. Every day brings its unique features in the image of the region, hospitably receiving guests at numerous holidays and festivals.

The list of holidays is various – “Jazz-spring”, Alla Shelest classical ballet festival, festival “Vivat, bayan!” in Samara, Ilja Repin’s birthday in Shirjaevo, the festival “Drums of the world” in Pribrezhnyj village, rally in Togliatti, the festival “Silver trumpets of the Volga region” in Syzran, The light holiday and the Flower festival in the Strukovskij park, Students’ spring, Winter Grushin’s festival and City days in the region, the salon of aviation and ten exhibitions on different themes, scout meetings and competitions on tourist orientation, Orthodox Christmas or tatar Kurban Bajram, Hanukkah or Aaktuj.

We invite you to plunge into the unforgettable world of the regional holidays!

We truly believe that hospitality will always be peculiar of Samara region and the warmth and cordiality of the first meetings will promote the next ones!