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Indulging in local food is a must-do for many travellers in the Samara Region.

The Volga cuisine is original and distinctive. It can satisfy any taste: Russian cabbage soup from the oven, galantine, pancakes with caviar, giblets in the sour cream, pork baked with mushrooms, different delicacies: sauerkraut, soaked apples, salted mushrooms, herring, pickles. Although the food is plain but it is delicious and nourishing and cooked with love. The fish dishes occupy a special place. The Great Russian River Volga has always been famous for the fish abundance. We invite you to taste fish dishes like, “Tzar” fish soup, pike perch baked with vegetables, cat-fish, beluga sturgeon, sturgeon barbecue, taste the famous Samara vodka, mead, kvass and traditional Russian desserts.