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Passes through the entire Oktjabrsk Russia's oldest railway connecting the center of the country with Siberia and Central Asia. Alexander railroad bridge over the Volga River near the present village right Volga (one of the villages that formed the city) was built in 1880 and length ( 1436 yards , 13 spans ) occupied while first place in Europe . Read more about the unique architectural structure can be found in the city museum.

Local History Museum OKTYABRSKAYA was founded in 1985 and is located in an old railway passenger station 1890s built . Here you talk about the amazing history of the longest railway bridge in Europe .

Alexander (later Syzransky ) Bridge was the first railroad bridge over the Volga River in its middle and lower reaches . Prior to that operated the ferry . Built a bridge 2500. Its construction cost of the imperial treasury of seven million rubles.

Opening on August 30 , 1880. Originally called the Alexander Bridge - in honor of the 25th anniversary of the reign of Alexander II. After the Revolution, it was renamed Syzransky . After the USSR collapsed bridge was returned to its former name , however, and the new left.

Residents of the Samara region could lose twice so necessary facilities to them , connects the two banks of the river. In 1918, during the Civil War, two spans of the bridge had been blown up , but later managed to repair . 62 years in the bridge crashed tanker " Volgoneft 268 ." Fortunately, the damage to the bridge again were not too serious.

In 2010, on the occasion of the 130th anniversary of the bridge was opened a memorial stele . Bridge continues to operate today .

Oktjabrsk located in the southwestern part of the Samara Bend 120 kilometers from Samara. Year of Education - 1956 . Area - 21.8 m. km . Population - 27,700 people.

The main rivers - the Volga

Economy . Major industries - construction materials, light industry, food and engineering.

And was famous Volga asphalt produced from tar limestone mined in the vicinity of the October Revolution. In 1882 at an exhibition in Moscow Batrakskogo asphalt plant was awarded a gold medal in 1878 at the Paris Exposition - bronze medal .

Currently street settlements of the region and many Russian cities are covered with asphalt from bituminous minerals mined in these places.
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Landmarks : the building of railway stations (end of XIX century , the beginning of the twentieth century , the middle of the twentieth century ), the building of the water tower , depot (late XIX century ) , unfinished construction of the tunnel for the railway bypass (early twentieth century ) .

Website of the city administration - http://www.oktyabrskadm.ru/

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