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VIII Shyraevo Biennale of Modern Art

The theme of 2013 is "Screen: between Europe and Asia"
The focus of artistic research consists in the question of where and how the communication field goes to the demarcation line.
Working with the "second" reality is an important component of modern artistic process. We are increasingly responding not to the reality itself, but to its interpretation.
Actual position today is a reflection of the reflection. In the era of globalization this game instantly becomes the property of all, in which billions of displays are incorporated.
It would seem that the general model of community living in supermarket chains, in internet and in human rights should average the own differences.But completely different realities are clear: mental peculiarities force people to the opposite thoughts and actions in respect of the same.
In this situation, the phenomenon of the screen is interesting from different points of view.
From one side the "screen" is the surface onto which the image is created. That is a mirror of our consciousness used as a method of transmitting information, as a potential appeal for a dialogue.
From other side the "screen" is a surface designed to protect from the harmful effects and from untruth in the context of permanent transformation.By highlighting the momentary image of reality, we want to protect our position and personally go through into the moment of truth.

Partner Accommodation for participants and guests of Biennale in Samara is HOTEL "BRISTOL-ZHIGULY"

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