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It used to be that tourist came to Samara Region by different means of transportation. More than 17 daily flights come every day from Moscow and almost the same number of flights from  other regions from Russian Federation come to the International airport “Kurumoch”.   Dozens of trains from all directions bring to Samara tourist, which climb up the highest railway station building in Europe. Lots of fans rush to Samara region by federal highway M5 motorway. Precisely built logistics and traffic can easily reach every corner of the Samara region by train, bus or car.

So, if you travel by railway, the first thing you see in Samara - a modern railway station, which was built in the Komsomolskaya Square in 2005. Even if Samara is not the final destination in your route, and you just pass it by , it is suggested to climb to the observation deck on top of the railway station building. From this point you’ll be able to observe the historical part of the city. Beside, you can visit the Railway Museum, which is also inside the same building .

The International airport "Kurumoch"  will become your gateway to the Samara region in case of your coming by airplane. Here you can take taxi or use bus service, which will deliver you to Samara or to Togliatti.  Of course you may rent a car if you prefer be free in the choice of routes.

You may also spend your time in one of the cafes, which are close to the airport. For example, you may visit “Zhili-Byli” restaurant, which offers Russian cuisine. In the same building you’ll find “AviaHotel” .

By wide road net you can reach all the Samara region cities, towns and villages. In  Samara , Togliatti, Syzran and other major cities have large bus stations,  from where you can transfer to any point by public buses .

Each year, about 40,000 tourists come to the Samara region by boat. Most of them debark in Samara River Station, which is located in the historical center of Samara.  One  It is from this point of Samara start a sightseeing tour of the city , where you can explore the city and learn about its past, present and future - is the name of the most popular tour of the city of Samara.

Whichever mode of transportation you choose, Samara region welcomes you as guests !