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Chapaevsk was named after the hero of World War I and the Civil War , the Red Army commander Vasily Ivanovich Chapaev . In the city you will see several monuments legendary divisional commander and the last church built in the country before the revolution .

Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh is unique in that it is the last church built in our country before the revolution - in 1915. The temple is decorated with unusual decorations and colorful mosaics depicting biblical themes . This religious building is a historical and cultural monument of federal importance.

What else to look Chapaevsk ? Of course, several monuments Vasily Chapaev . You will see the main sculpture in Central Park recreation. When you create a monument to the sculptor VP Akimov posed son Chapaev . Also in the park is a monument in honor of Fame Chapayevites who died in the Great Patriotic War. Interesting from an architectural standpoint House commune and the Palace of Culture named after Chapaev , built in 1929.

Lovers museums recommend to go to the museum and exhibition center "Raduga" . In the latter has seven exhibition halls , where you will see copies of paintings that are the heritage of world culture.

Chapaevsk is located south- west of Samara. Year of Education - 1927 . Area - 18,749 ha. Population - 73.4 thousand people. Distance to Samara - 43 km . The town has a railway station of the same name .

The main rivers - Chapaevka

Economy . The main industries are the chemical industry and energy.
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Cinema " Rodina" do novelties global and domestic cinema.

The city has several nightclubs where gay parties are held with the participation of the best DJ area.

Nicole was born in Chapaevsk Rodomakin - Russian athlete . Champion Paralympic Games in 2012 in London in the long jump and silver medalist in the women's 100 meters Multiple world champion and Russian .

Website of the city administration - http://chapaevsk.samregion.ru/

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