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Welcome to Samara! The hospitable city is situated in the centre of the endless plain, on the high bank of the Volga River facing the majestic Zhighuly Hills.

A tale says that saint Aleksiy, who visited the land in 1357, foretold that a large town would appear there, in which “the destiny would shine and which would be neither damaged nor ruined”. Former the grateful inhabitants of Samara made saint Aleksiy their holy patron. And, actually, his words became true rather soon. In 1586, due to the act by Fyodor Mikhaylovitch, the Russian tsar, a fortress called Samara was built there, which was given the status of an uezd town (a regional town)  later, and in some time it was turned into the capital of Samara region.

Samara today is one of the biggest Russian cities with a rich culture and a glorious history coming from the ancient times.

The life of our city is closely tied with the great Volga River. It surprises a visitor by its width and the beauty of the Zhighuly and Samarskaya Luka. The picturesque banks, flows and sandy beaches of the Volga mesmerize a guest as if going to give him a hearty hug.

The hot summer is the bathing period which is longed for greatly.  The embankment with its shady cool alleys, lots of cafes, various entertainment and sport grounds is the favorable place for having rest and spending free time, and the city beaches are always crowded in summer.

The centre of the modern Samara is the ensemble of the historic buildings and architectural monuments. Numerous theatres, museums, monuments, parks, orthodox churches and gothic cathedrals are neighboring harmonically in the very heart of the capital of the region.

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