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Samara region is famous for its hospitality, warmth and hospitality, and a variety of dishes to satisfy even the most discriminating tastes.

The Volga cuisine is original and distinctive. It can satisfy any taste: Russian cabbage soup from the oven, galantine, pancakes with caviar, giblets in the sour cream, pork baked with mushrooms, different delicacies: sauerkraut, soaked apples, salted mushrooms, herring, pickles. Although the food is plain but it is delicious and nourishing and cooked with love. The fish dishes occupy a special place. The Great Russian River Volga has always been famous for the fish abundance. We invite you to taste fish dishes like, “Tzar” fish soup, pike perch baked with vegetables, cat-fish, beluga sturgeon, sturgeon barbecue, taste the famous Samara vodka, mead, kvass and traditional Russian desserts.

Exquisite gourmets’ routes follow not only the traditions of the Russian cuisine the regional restaurants offer a gastronomic selection of great culinary European traditions with the rich wine and cocktail list, you can taste Chinese and Japanese dishes, enjoy Mexican and Spanish dishes listening to Latin-American music, plunge into the unforgettable atmosphere of Caucasian cuisine, try meat dishes cooked on the open fire.

Famous Zhiguly beer became Samara visiting card long ago. The most popular beer is “Zhiguljevskoje”. It is clear and goldish with the pronounced bitterish taste; it is still brewed following the old recipe keeping all the traditions of brewing. This popular Samara beer is served in any restaurant or café.

High service and quality one can test in such restaurnts as "Yar", "U Palycha", “Staraya Pristan", “Myasnoff”, “Beerhouse” (Samara) , hotel restaurants “Lada” and "Park Hotel “ (Tolyatti), “The Kremlin” (Syzran) . These restaurants prefer to show traditional Russian cuisine, which includes traditional Russian salads, dumplings, potato dishes, and meat and fish.


If you would like to taste dishes of European cuisine, we recommend you to visit Italian restaurant "La Rotonda" (Togliatti), French cuisine in the “Komilfo” (Togliatti) , Mexican cuisine “Cucaracha” ( Samara) , Yugoslav dishes are available in the “Melpomene”. Perfect German beer you can drink with friends at the restaurant «Zullus» (Samara), the bar “At Ludvig” (Togliatti). Children will be of great happy after visiting “Baskin Robbins” cafe.


Driving along Moscow- Chelyabinsk M5 Highway we recommend you stop at the “8 Mile” cafe - here you will not only enjoy the fine food and fast service, but also be able to visit Zoo. You can see this place from far away - at the entrance to the road you will meet a tall pedestal with a samovar.


For those who don’t like spending much money for appeasing his stomach we advice visiting one of the restaurants such as “Zhili-Byli” (Samara, Tolyatti), “Figaro” (Samara), or the world-famous “McDonald's“ (Samara, Togliatti, Syzran). Fans of ravioli or chebureks have to go to the famous “Cheburechnaya” on  Amineva street” or to “Dumpling” cafe, which at lunchtime are especially in demand among local residents.

In order to have a cup of coffee, we advise you to stop at «Coffee Bean» or «Traveler's coffee» in Samara.

The choice is always yours! When planning in advance can help the site popular restaurant award “Golden Fork” http://samara.goldenvilka.ru/ and http://togliatti.goldenvilka.ru/