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The Heart of the Holy Cross land

Togliatti has a 250-year history. It is situated on the bank of the Volga surrounded by the great Zhiguly Hills. The town is often said to be “thrice born”. It is really so. Stavropol was founded in 1737 by Vasiliy Nikititch Tatishev as a fortress for christened Kalmyks. On June 20th 1737 the empress Anna Ioanovna presented the document on the foundation of the city to the princess Anna Tayshina. This date is considered the beginning of the history of Stavropol-upon-the-Volga. “Stavropol” means “the town of saint cross” from Greek. The bright page of the chronicle was opened in 1950 when it became the centre of Volzhskaya GES of Lenin construction.

On account of the filling of the bed of Kuybishev water section the town moved to another place. In 1964 it was named Togliatti. The modern town differs from its ancestor. Energetic, sporty, business Togliatti is one of the rapidly-developing Russian towns. It is considered the biggest industrial centre of the Volga region.


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