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Health Resorts

History of local resorts counts more than 175 years. It has become with the opening of famous Sergievskie Mineral Waters Health Resort. Mineral waters, rich silt sulfide mud, quickly began to develop - were developed technique, indications and contraindications to treatment. In 1907 at the International Exhibition of Balneology in Spa (Belgium) resort gets international fame, he was awarded the prize and diploma. And in 1913, the resort was awarded a second honorary diploma at the National Show in St. Petersburg.
Unique natural resources found on the Samara earth, have been extensively studied and almost immediately gained popularity due . Medicinal properties of hydrogen sulfide mineral sulphate- bicarbonate -calcium- magnesium water and sulphide silt mud produced on Lake Lotion allowed to handle the most complex diseases. Thus, among the main areas of the resort stated : circulation problems , musculoskeletal system , nervous system , gynecology sphere and urinary organs , skin, blood system and chronic poisoning , as well as restoration of spinal patients .
Methods of treatment of a disease involves the compulsory acceptance of hydrogen sulfide baths and mud treatments . Using these procedures, has a beneficial effect on the healing process rights.

The complex therapeutic manipulation, in addition to natural factors include:

• laser
• UHF-therapy
• EHF-therapy
• magneto
• electrophoresis
• hirudotherapy
• aromatherapy
• carbonic baths
• massage.

The main attraction of the resort - Sulfuric lake - also performs a purely aesthetic function. Fed by four springs, the lake has an amazing turquoise color due to the presence izvestkovodolomitovyh rocks.

Samara resorts located throughout the area. They can be found in the city and suburban green areas. However, most local resorts are concentrated near the Samara Bend, Zhiguli Hills and the Volga River. The proximity to the river and landscape diversity are another plus in the development of recreation and tourism.
Modern methods are combined with traditional natural remedies. This technology allows us to achieve the necessary results in a short period of time.

For the success of health programs also require certain features of the territory . So , Samara region has all the features of central Russia , but at the same time and is a pleasant exception . Here you can find elements of natural areas that are common to virtually all regions of the country . All this makes the local resorts competitive and truly unique . There are equally represented woodland steppe spaces , mountains and numerous waterways, including the Volga, Zhigulevskoye Reservoir, Juice , Samarka and Usu . A considerable part of the Samara region is special natural areas under state protection. Among them are located :

  • Samarskaya Luka National Park
  • Zhigulyovskiy Reserve them. Sprygin
  • Buzuluksky Bor National Park
  • landscape reserves - Vasilevsky Islands and Sergievskie Mineral Waters.

Total number of monuments of nature, part of which has federal status , is more than 300 objects. Favorable climate - another necessary condition for the development of the resort activities. Samara region enjoys a mild climate hinterland . Due to the low air pressure and active cyclonic activity in the region, summer hot and winters are moderately cold and long . The average temperature in July , the hottest month of the year , +21 ° C, in January , the coldest month , -13 ° C.
All these features have a positive effect on the edges and recreational properties balneologic occupied their territory . A high level of natural-resource potential, characteristic for the region becomes an attractive factor for tourist arrivals for rehabilitation .

It should be noted that the mineral springs in the Samara region enjoyed unprecedented demand , and their diversity speaks for itself . On the area more than 20 natural wells , the water of which carbonated or in pure form is sent to the market. The most well-known regional brands are: " Volzanka ", " Krasnoglinskaya ", " Bor ", " lagoon ", " Rameno ", " Crystal ", "Pure water from Tsarevschina " and others.

Mineral water , medical-table water "Bor " is produced in an ecologically clean area of ​​the village Borskoye Samara region, number 251 out of the hole , at a depth of 205 meters. Modern equipment and methods of quality control allow you to save the pristine purity of the natural mineral water "Bor " .
Indications for the use of drinking water "Bor " are chronic gastritis with normal , low and high gastric secretory function , chronic liver disease and biliary tract , chronic pancreatitis , metabolic disease , SARS , tracheobronchitis .

Useful properties of Samara mud and formation of a particular type of therapeutic mud depends on the ambient conditions . These include especially the pond , salt concentration of water, its temperature , the nature of vegetation and wildlife . In combination with the different levels of mud contained in the composition of the hydrogen sulfide , carbon dioxide , volatile fatty acids , and bases are three major types. Among them - the medicinal muds , therapeutic peat and clay treatment .

In the Samara Region secrete several major fields , the so-called therapeutic pools . Also uznamenitogo resort " Sergievskie mineral water", one of the first resorts in the Samara region , renowned for its beneficial properties " Usolsky salt- sulfur springs ", " Berezovsky Sulphur Springs " and " Alekseevsky sulfur springs ." Impact of various mud on the body with several different. So, for gryazeobrazuyuschim factors Sergievski sulfur source should include species of sulfur bacteria living in the water, green and blue-green algae and common around the resort thin yellow clay - silt type . Has a positive effect is achieved by thermal , mechanical, chemical exposure , as well as the influence of dietary factors and substances contained in the mud .

Usolsky salt- sulfur springs located on the right bank of the Volga Shigonskom area, which is located in the western part of the Samara Bend . Volga river bank in this area formed Usolsky mountains - north- eastern spurs Zhigulevsky ridge. In Usolsky sources detected rare trace elements: lithium, helium , etc., and water has a high natural radioactivity . These fields also include the type of mud sludge , and their surface is coated with a thick film of colloidal sulfur . High rate of efficiency level has a beneficial effect on the healing of rheumatism, skin and gynecological diseases .

Alekseevsky sulfur springs are a group of sulfur springs on the right bank . Samarka Alexeevka near the village . The water contains a large amount of hydrogen sulfide - 45 mg per liter.

In turn Berezivski salt- sulfur springs located along the ridge of Berezovsky and creek on the right bank of the Volga River between the mouth and the village Morkvashi Mustache . Water is also strongly enriched in sulfur and gypsum, but has a lower salinity and lower content of hydrogen sulfide. All mud obtained from these fields are used to treat similar diseases - musculoskeletal system , urinary and nervous systems.

In Samara balneary resorts for this purpose are widely used mineral , radon , aromatic , carbonic baths, mud baths , galvanic and hydromassage in mineral water