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A. N. Tolstoy Memorial Estate, Samara Literature Museum, M. Gorkiij Memorial Museum of Literature in Samara

155, Frunze Street

(846) 332-11-22, 332-03-77

A. N. Tolstoy Memorial Estate – the unique monographic museum devoted to the author’s life and work - was inaugurated in 1983. The city estate which dates back to the second half of the XIX century is a small world of the old days in the heart of the big city. It is a unique sight of great historical and cultural value and it attracts many tourists. The greater part of the exposition consists of the archives of Tolstoy and that of his mother A.L. Tolstaya (Bostorm), who was a writer.

The archive includes letters, diaries, photographs, books, some private things. The stock of the museum contains more than 10 thousand papers and other documents connected with the author’s life and work.


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