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Samara Region Alabin Museum of History and Local Lore

142, Leninskaya Street, Samara, 443041

Tel. (846) 332-40-73, 333-64-23

Samara Region Alabin Museum of History and Local Lore is one of the oldest in the Volga region. The Museum, that now occupies 4 buildings, has already become one of the main cultural centers in Samara.  It is used not only for the most interesting exhibitions of different areas of focus, but also it is the place where conferences, festivals, holidays and mass events are held.  Today the museums collection is represented by 200 thousand of exhibits, including items from ancient cloths to rare stuffed animals. This collection involves visitors into interesting world of history, from Samara foundation till the events of 1918. The museum is also famous for its vast archeological and mineral collections. The most precious paleontological section has been recently introduced. Museum’s numismatic and arms collections with items from different countries are in the public eye.

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