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Chelno-Vershinsky Municipal District

Chelno-Vershinsky area represents a unique historical and archaeological respect the region inhabited by man in the Stone Age .

History of the area is rich. Since 1991 archaeologists Samara Regional History Museum, named after Peter Alabina hold regular archaeological work in the area. Their attention is focused on the mountain near the village Sidelkino Lighthouse , where they were discovered the earliest burial in the Volga region , related to the Stone Age dating and X millennium BC .

Also, due to the excavation and research scientists learned that during power Volga Bulgar (X-XIII cc.) Area of ​​the region was part of the first in the Middle Volga public education. Largest city Bulgar Suvar Bilyar , Bulgaria was less than 100 km from the current Chelno - tops . The district passed overland trade route connecting the Volga Bulgars with Central Asia.

However trample our land not only camel caravan trade , but hooves warhorses Batu later Tokhtamysh and Timur the Lame . In memory of ancestors and historical documents preserved echoes of peasant unrest times Razin and Pugachev , the echoes of the war of 1812 . The village Zubovka buried soldiers who fought with the French invaders , in particular aide Denis Davydov . Here are the cemetery grave granddaughter Suvorov , Count Zubov - son- Suvorov and favorite of Catherine II.


Chelno - Vershinsky district is located in the north area. Year of Education - 1928 . Area - 1162.3 m. km . Population - 17,000 people. 53 settlements. Administrative center - the village Chelno - Tops . Distance to Samara - 185 km . To the regional center has direct train ride from Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Perm , Novosibirsk, Sterlitimak , Krasnodar, Sochi, Kazan and other cities .

Main Rivers

Kondurcha , Shumolga

Economy .

The main industry - agriculture (direction - grain - meat and dairy ) .

Other Points of Interest

Ethno-museum, won two grants for projects " Native open spaces ", " Northern Amazon ." The central image of the " Northern Amazon " is dedicated to the legendary Amazons , women warriors , burials were discovered and investigated on the mountain near the village of Beacon Sidelkino . Also in the museum , a permanent exhibition " As our ancestors lived ," which presents the findings from archaeological excavations on Mount Beacon and proletarian stronghold .

The district remains of a unique cultural heritage site "Manor Shelashnikovyh" - a manor house , a pond , arranged on the creek , fragments of parkland . Come from the suburbs , Shelashnikovy participated actively in social and political life of Samara province in the XIX century . Stepan Petrovich Shelashnikov was elected the first marshal of the nobility, was an honorary magistrate , vowel provincial and district zemstvo assembly, member of the Provincial Committee of the peasant . In 1865, in the hall of the house Shelashnikova in Samara, on the corner of Kazan and the Resurrection was created by the provincial zemstvo Constituent Assembly - the first provincial zemstvo assembly in the Russian Empire .

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