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Stavropolsky Municipal District

The richest to the unique nature spots , tourist itineraries, excursions , museums, monuments , archaeological sites, sacred sites, anomalous phenomena and mysteries of the cave area . Its territory is a national park "Samara Luka" and Zhigulyovskiy Reserve.

In the Stavropol region is worth visiting for a few days . There really is something to admire !

Stavropol region is situated in the northwest region. It has borders with the Ulyanovsk region . Year of formation - 1928 . Area - 3662 sq.km. Population - 45.3 thousand people. 52 settlements. Administrative center - the city of Togliatti. Distance to Samara - 90 km .

The district extends circular railway around Samara Bend ( Sizran - Zhigulyovsk - Samara - Novokuibishevsk - Chapaevsk - Oktjabrsk - Sizran ) to the train station "Zhigulyovskoe sea" road of national importance " Moscow - Samara ."

Main Rivers

Volga, Usa, Saratov and Kuibyshev reservoir.


The main industry - agriculture (crops, livestock ) . There are deposits of clay .


Points of Interesest

The district is called Murom town - once a city in the Volga Bulgar representing significant archaeological value .

Museum villages Stavropol region of Samara region (village Large Ryazan) . All the exhibits collected from villagers Stavropol region , given as a gift for free.

The main exhibitions tell about the life of the peasants in the past, their utensils, clothes.

Across the street from the museum is the church consecrated in 2002 of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin in the Temple . Not far from the temple beat the holy springs of the Icon of the Mother of God " Vsetsaritsa " and to the Saints of the Kiev Caves Reverend Anthony and Theodosius . They are also called the Big and Small springs.

Near the village of Bolshaya Ryazan are also town Razin Stepan Razin and cave .

Razin town represents the remains of fortifications on a small promontory , surrounded on two sides of the ravine otvershkami Dry Brusyana and third high rampart and a deep ditch. The excavations settlement was dated to the first millennium AD.

Cave Stepan Razin - a karst cave , located at the mouth of the ravine Popova . Is a huge hall with a diameter of 20 m and a height of 4 m, of which in different directions followed dead ends .

Among the locals passed by word of mouth legend that in the XVII century in a cave not once hid Stepan Razin and his men .

The village is St. Tashla source icon of the Mother " Deliverer from troubles " - widely known in Russia and abroad , even a place of pilgrimage . It is believed that the water of this spring has healing powers.

With the advent of the holy spring wonderful story that took place in October 1917 . According to eyewitnesses , at this place was discovered icon of Virgin Mary , and under it beat spring . To power immediately pulled the suffering (and not only Orthodox, but also people of other religions ) .

Currently icon " Deliverer from troubles " is standing beside the Holy Trinity Church . The source is built a chapel , a well and font.

Strelna mountain - one of the most beautiful and highest peaks Zhiguley . Once it served as an observation post for the Cossacks. In 2012, Strelna made ​​the observation deck , ramps (now the spectacular views can also enjoy wheelchair users ) and stairs , which are located along the plate with informational materials .

As can be seen from the hill , crowned massive stone ( Shihan ) ?

From the top of Strelna Spectacular panoramic view of the surrounding neighborhood . Superbly seen Shalyga island - Seredysh , the western part of the Main Ridge and Mount Zhigulevsky Large Bahilova mirror Zhigulevsky sea and Togliatti ( including its settlements - Gateway and Fedorivka ) . Shihan is a narrow east rock resembling a bridge , called Devil .

Valiant mound. With Valiant barrow begins 75 -kilometer picturesque ridge Zhiguli Mountains . His height - 242.8 meters to the summit is rocky trail lined volunteers. Even alone will not be bored here - along the walkway installed notices detailing the natural attractions. While climbing higher and higher , you think only about one thing - how to quickly reach and relax. Difficult and dangerous path ! Especially when there are so many unfamiliar sounds: always something rattles fyrchit stomps ... In general, does not separate from the group. Guides will tell not only about the flora and fauna , but also about the legends , one of which states that ...

Beauty ... in the Volga was in love with a strong and mighty good fellow, but he was not Telegram her white-haired girls captured the heart and the Caspian Sea. Do not want to let your favorite Good for opponents, blocked her path with his retinue , but deceived beauty, she made sweet words , and she rounded the giant, fled to the distant Caspian. Many centuries have passed since then , petrified done by contacting Valiant mound overgrown forest enchanted by his retinue , always lulls them Volga his incessant murmur . Thus was born the Samara Bend and Zhiguli Mountains .

As seen from the Valiant barrow ?

From the top overlooking the reservoir, Usinsky Bay, the surrounding mountains ( Devya Mountain, Mountain Flatbread ) and Togliatti. Earlier, before the flooding and construction of power plants , on the contrary there was a big mound Valiant Kalmyk island. Behind him, on the other bank of the river, located a wooden floor Stavropol. After the flood water level rose by 29 meters , the lower half of the shallow , narrow river turned into a big mustache Usinsky bay.

Riddles Valiant barrow . Suggest that rock Razin , which is sung in the song " There is a cliff on the Volga " - a Valiant mound. And somewhere nearby threw Razin in the Volga waters unhappy princess . It is believed that here on the mountain and were Strelna Razinskoe parking , and in caves and secret dungeons Zhiguley still kept treasures leader.

Devya or Maiden , Mountain located near the valiant mound . Elevation Volga only 50 meters. With Devey is a legend , according to which the mountain was once a girl who killed her beloved jealousy - Nightingale , and then threw herself from the rock into the water. Since then, the dawn , once a year in the night and hear the girl crying on Devey grief , wailing , "My dear, dear, dear friend last love , my life and death , as well as my joy with your inseparable. I Obol you my green-haired , blue- zatseluyu blue eyes nashepchu , caressing , fairy tale never dawns on one constant, undying love. "

Giant bowl with stone blocks , surrounded by mountain ridges - Stone Bowl - is a natural monument and valuable natural object Samara region. On the slopes of the green trees turn white cliffs of them beat three sources . One of them, beating at a height of 175 meters , is considered miraculous. It was called the " Source Nicholas ." It is believed that the water from it brings health and longevity.

Note Stone Bowl - is the only place on the tops Zhiguley breaks pure spring water . Since this place is due a large number of myths and legends . In one of them , here are flocking tears hostess Zhiguli mountains bewailing her loneliness .

Mount Camel . Cliff side like a huge stone head of a camel . In the mountains , you can guess the outline and a huge hump. From this arose and once the name of mountains . Previously, the resemblance was more expressive - in the outline of the head stone discernible characteristic nose and pendulous lip of a giant stone animal. But these details later fell off the natural sculptures .

On the vertical walls of the mountain complex Camel train Samara and Togliatti climbers . There is a climbing wall .

Zhygulivs'ka Circumnavigation - water tourist route along the rivers Volga and Usa around Samara Luka , as well as annual sporting event in the form of passing on this route yawls and kayaking . Title circumnavigation was due to geographical " whim " when between the rivers Volga and Usa is 140 kilometers down the river and a few kilometers in a straight line , which allows overcoming the small pass on land, end the trip in the beginning.

Officially "Zhygulivskaya Circumnavigation " has existed since 1968 . On this route at the time made ​​a trip Vladimir Lenin and Maxim Gorky .

Spiritual and cultural Kremlin "Warriors settlement" represents a unique architectural complex created in the original traditions of ancient wooden architecture of serfdom in the picturesque location on the banks of the Zhiguli Mountains beauties Mustache River , a tributary of the Volga. Study here young heroes from all over Russia , are heroic fights , acts historic range " Ratybor " and many others . etc.

Zhigulyovskiy State Nature Reserve named after Ivan Sprygin ( Zhigulyovskiy Reserve) was founded in 1927. Its area - 23.2 thousand hectares , of which 542 ha is situated on the islands of the Volga. Samara is located on the bow .

At the reserve recorded 158 species of birds. On its territory there are about 832 species of vascular plants . The reserve is 40 species of mammals , 39 species of fish , 8 species of amphibians and 7 - reptiles.

Samarskaya Luka National Park is a State Natural Park on the territory of the Samarskaya Luka, within the Volga , and Stavropol regions Syzransky Samara region. In the northern part of the park is adjacent to the reserve Zhigulyovskiy them . Sprygin Zhigulyovsk and city .

Samarskaya Luka - the largest and most famous bend of the Volga River , the lower its flow between the village and the city Usolye Sizran . Washed by the waters of the Mustache, Kuibyshev and Saratov reservoirs. Zhigulevskie encircles the mountain.

Anomalies of the Samara bend . Lada Samara Bend and considered the place attracts the variety of geological anomalies in force crustal faults that are in this place, and are known for their paranormal activity. About this area goes a lot of stories about sightings of unknown and different rumors . Not many here are at risk to stay overnight .

So , for a long time there is a legend about a certain hostess Zhiguli Mountains . Repeatedly over the centuries recorded occurrences of various light poles unknown nature . There are stories that before the construction of hydropower stations and rising waters could penetrate the huge caves in the mountains, where they met prehistoric animals frozen into blocks of ice .

There are mentions of various mirages that arise over Zhiguli mountains : in the form of a ghost town or tower. In some legends tells about some ghostly man living in these places. There is a legend about the people living under the ground in the area of the Samara bend , coming to the surface only occasionally, and the fire glowing objects appearing in these parts. According to UFO , UFO in the mountains Zhigulevskie appear ten times more often than in any other parts of the world .

"Ausina Stone " - the magic stone , nestled in the mountains Zhigulevskie . The first known literary reference given in the book M. Emelianov . In the late 1980s - early 1990s to actively sought by many groups , and was found in 1995. Presumably, this is a classic ritual graters , made ​​up of two special stones . Perhaps searchers was discovered ruined altar ancient Slavic deities Avsenev . According to the same sources, in the area of ​​finding the stone there are a number of mythical objects " Ausina pit ", " road Ausina ", " apiary ". And here there are different energy phenomena detected by devices and visually .

Visly Stone - rock that hangs over the community by water at a height of 70-80 meters.

Top Visly Stone is a small area ( eaves) and hangs over the abyss . In profile, the rock resembles a bearded old man , so she has another name - "Stone Grandfather ." Cliff top meager steppe overgrown vegetation and opushechnoy : feather , oregano , sage different species, etc. Up here , a beautiful lookout . With her ​​stunning views of the Snake and backwater Shelehmetskie mountains, but stay on it secure as rock gradually disintegrates.

Serpentine backwater bay ( area 47 ha). Old-timers still call it a lake , as to the construction of a cascade of reservoirs on the Volga it connects with the river only during floods. After raising the water level in the Volga River Serpentine lake merged with it , forming a long and narrow bay - Erik .

Say its name Lake (now backwater ) received because snakes in these places was always very much. In some years step was impossible not to stumble across a crawling snake. To this day, these places are considered the snake on the Samara Bend . However, meetings with venomous viper quite rare. The most frequently encountered snakes , which in the spring form tangles wiggling " Lovers" individuals. It also found a rare snake - patterned runner .

Russian festival of art song Valery Grushin , or just Grushinskiy , first held in 1968. It all started with tourists and lovers of art song of the Samara region , who wanted to honor the student Valery Grushin , who was killed during the rescue of drowning children . The festival attracts tens of thousands of people not only from Russia but also from countries near and far abroad .

Grushinskiy festival held on Fedorov meadows. Time has not changed - the first weekend of July.


Stavropolsky Municipal District Administration - http://stavradm.ru/

Spiritual and cultural site of the Kremlin "Bogatyrsky Sloboda" - http://bogatyrskaya-sloboda.ru/

Samarskaya Luka National park - http://www.npsamluka.ru/

Zhigulevsky Reserve - http://www.zhreserve.ru/

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