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Sergievsky Municipal District

If you want to visit mysterious places , to see the phenomenon , the nature of which still can not explain the researchers , to improve health in unique sulfur springs - a monument of world importance, a journey into the past , to visit the ancient temples - welcome to Sergius area !

As soon as you arrive in the area Sergius , first go to the Blue Lake, whose history is interesting and mysterious.

Blue Lake, or as it is called Chuvash - Semiz - kyule known since antiquity. In the XIX century old Yakushkino villagers here celebrated their spring festival , and the rich summer- picnics . Thrown into the lake and saw the plates as they gradually sinking , disappearing in a whirlpool ...

Blue lake formed sinkholes . From the bottom has a powerful source of hydrogen sulphide . No life in the lake , this is due to its transparency. Beauty Lake mesmerizing in its transparent depth ( about 17 meters) you want to watch again and again. But most fortunate those who know how to dive. According to the divers , dive and see if the top , then, as in the picture , you can see drifting across the sky , the trees growing on the shore waiting for you and friends. Cold water (about 8 º C) , absolute transparency , fantastic education of sludge - all this sneaking to the depths.

Locals believe in the healing power of the lake and connect with it a lot of legends . It is said that in ancient times the lake allegedly failed horse and cart , allegedly have not found them . And that sometimes float to the surface tarred boards with mysterious writings that Mongol Khan made ​​to measure the depth of the reins tied their captives . And the length of the reins is not enough ...

The district has another unique monument of nature - Sulfuric lake which form hydrogen sulfide sources analogues in Russia.

The lake area is about one hectare , and the depth is less than three meters. Four feed sulfur source, water containing up to 80 milligrams of hydrogen sulphide and sulphate 1.5 grams per liter. Inhabit the lake bacteria break down these substances , while stressing the free sulfur , and through their work on the bottom of the lake annually settles about 32 tons of this chemical element in its pure form . Because this is not usual in the pond fish , and from vegetation - only blue-green algae , which are not found anywhere else .

Algae and bacteria are on the bottom of the lake three-centimeter tape dark green , olive or almost black in color . Dying and then mixed with water and mineral precipitation , the film forms on the bottom of the lake the most valuable therapeutic mud . Thanks to these features Sulfuric lake is considered the rarest natural monument of world importance.

In 1833, near the lake was opened sanatorium " Sergievskie mineral water" ( Sernovodsk village ), which is a resort of national importance . Sanatorium entered in the "List of unique resorts in Russia " because natural healing factors are unique resort balneocomplex regard. Simultaneously, the resort can improve the health of up to 900 people.


Sergius district is located in the northeast region. Year of Education - 1935 . Area - 2755.7 sq.km. Population - 46 thous. 68 settlements. Administrative center - the village Sergievsk . Distance to Samara - 135 km . The district M5 motorway " Moscow - Chelyabinsk ."

Main Rivers

Sok, Surgut


Mainstream - agriculture. The district stock-farm work , farming for the production of medicinal herbs, two hatcheries , Veterinary College , etc.

Other Points of Interest

Church of Our Lady of Kazan .

Construction of the Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God in the village Neronovka began in 1908. Place of construction was chosen by chance : one of the local legends , here in 1907, one of the residents saw the night the Queen of Heaven with the angels . Wooden church was built on a stone foundation , is sheathed in felt . On the carved iconostasis took 2.5 kg of gold leaf . Three years after the start of construction was the first service .

In 1939 the church was closed . Within four years, it was a granary . Thanks to the courage of the inhabitants preserved old iconostasis. Before closing it nailed boards , icons brought to the altar. It saved them from destruction , remained intact even glass. Again heard the prayers of the temple wall in 1944.

Shrine of the temple - a unique triptych with 17 particles of holy relics , holy shroud and ancient icons of neighboring defunct church.

The temple is the father of Roman - the eleventh and youngest child in an Orthodox family Derzhavins . His great-grandfather donated the land once a temple in the Tver region and it was prefect. Father, despite all the difficulties of the Soviet regime , became a priest. Three brothers, Roman's father later also became priests , and seven sisters - mother, marrying priests .

The temple in honor of the Archangel Michael

The temple in honor of the Archangel Michael ( village Sukhodil ), 1999 GP The lower part of the temple is built in the shape of a ship , the upper part - in the form of a cross . Style - Ancient , pre-Petrine era. Shrines - icon " Soothe My Sorrows " , the icon of the Holy Martyr Charalambos .

Historical museum district Sergievski

The mansion , which houses historical museum , was built in the middle of the XIX century merchant Smirnov. The museum opened in this building in 1993.

Here you will learn to wear a yoke with buckets , will wear a folk clothes tell about people's fun and romantic ceremonies. The museum operates a hall dedicated to writer and public figure Nikolai Garin - Mikhailovsky has a gallery of portraits of Heroes of the Soviet Union , his contemporaries, and foremost innovators of the oil and gas industry , workers of fields and farms , canvases devoted to the nature of his native land . Acts - yard playground with numerous devices for Russian amusements , huts and plantings. Many ancient artifacts and materials from the excavations , among them - the tomb and skeleton of an unknown man who lived thousands of years ago , mammoth tusks , who used to go once on this site , etc. In short, do not want to repeat - come ! Here you, by the way, and feed - cakes, crunchy cucumbers , rustic potatoes and bacon on rye bread .

Mountain Sheehan . Famous because her grow rare herbs that are found nowhere else in the area, as well as the mysterious phenomena of nature . For example, straight as an arrow , trace jet flying over Sheehan , for reasons unknown at this point is bent arc. We note, in recent years, Sheehan has become a favorite destination for lovers of paragliding .

Kandabulaksky Trinity Church . The earliest records of the temple are in diocesan statements about the church and monasteries in the province of Samara in 1837 . The document stated that the wooden church was built in 1781 " diligence parishioners ." More than a hundred years in the means Kandabulake villagers built a new three-altar temple in honor of the Holy Trinity, St. Nicholas and Holy Martyr Demetrios . In 1898, when it opened the school diplomas.

New information found in the Gazette in 1907 : the church was listed as already Holy Trinity , built in 1906 . Two years before the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, the building was dismantled on the bricks for the construction of a secondary school in Sergievskie .

Ruined temple theme heard again believers only in 1997 . Two years later, restoration work began that continues to this day.


Website of the district administration - http://www.sergievsk.ru/

Website Sernovodsk village and sanatorium " Sergievskie mineral water » - http://www.sernovodsk.net/

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