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Pohvistnevsky Municipal District

In Pohvistnevsky area in close proximity Orthodox and Muslims live.

In the village of Red Keys you can venerate the relics of the first saint of the Samara land , and in the village of Alkino - visit Tatar national races , enjoy the Sabantuy and take a horse ride through the neighborhood.

In addition, in the village of Sedge you can visit the museum-estate "Bereginya" , where you'll always be offered to taste fresh milk and a loaf of freshly baked bread to enjoy . In June in the estate , you will see a unique event - spend a day here on the grass of classical ballet .

In the Church of the Archangel Michael (village Red Keys ) relics of the first saint in Samara land - righteous Chagrinskogo Peter ( 1856-1925 ) , canonized in 2000. Witnessed by a large number of miracles prayerful appeal to him. At the temple there are two hotels for pilgrims. Near the church is a source where equipped swimming pool .

Saint Michael the Archangel Church is a monument of wooden architecture and culture of the XIX century. Built in 1871 by residents of the village on the site of a dilapidated century- old church. Temple crowned five green domes. It is the only religious building preserved in Pohvistnevsky area in the years of Soviet power.

Alkino - one of the most prosperous villages of Samara region. In 2010, the village took the first Russian rural Sabantuy 2012 celebrated its quatercentenary . In Alkino annually Tatar national races and running ( twenty thoroughbred horses at the same time starting , running three kilometers ) . Promotes the development of equestrian sport and what is grown in the village , train and prepare for a competition sport horses . Everyone here can take a horse ride through the neighborhood.

In warbler in full swing construction of memorial estate "Bereginya" which are local enthusiasts - wife Elvira and Vladimir Anisimov Maskova . Villagers started with native landscaping aside - throughout the village planted with flowers , shrubs and trees. Then built a museum that holds crafts and antiques Erzyan life, dug fontanelle, organized inn " 16 + minnows ."

For nearly two decades, the estate goes to the beginning of June Day of classical ballet on the grass during the year marks the day the stove - mother and father - cleaver . But tourists go to " Guardian" is not only to visit the numerous festivals, master classes, learn from the experience of landscape design and taste clean food. Resting in the estate , urban residents can finally relax and deeply breathe clean air, which is mixed with the smell of freshly baked bread and fresh milk , gives the soul peace and heart - joy.

Pohvistnevsky district is located in the northeast of the Samara region. Year of Education - 1929 . The district area - 2130 km ². Population - 29,000 people. 80 settlements. Administrative center - the city Pokhvistnevo ( in the district not included.) Distance to Samara - 159 km .

The main rivers - Bolshoy Kinel , Amanak , Savrusha .

Economy . The main sectors of the economy - agriculture and oil and gas industry .
Other attractions. monuments of nature

Mount Cents is located 6 km north- east of Pokhvistnevo . Its height is 250 meters hills above sea level. Locals say that from a distance it actually looks like a penny. According to legend, in one of the caves of the mountain known Stepan Razin robber hid his treasure. Attractiveness of pennies that it is a unique monument of nature Zavolzhja . Those who comes here for the first time , it seems that the Samara region, they miraculously transported , almost to the Caucasus. On the slopes of pennies growing a variety of plants , which are listed as endangered , some of which are found nowhere else in the Samara region.

Among other monuments of nature - Podbelskie bottomland oaks Yatmanskie broadleaf forests , upland Mochaleevskie relict oaks Pohvistnevsky suburban oaks .

Website village Alkino - http://admalkino.ru/

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