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Bezenchuksky Municipal District

Ekaterinovka , one of the oldest villages Bezenchuksky district , named in honor of the Russian empress - Catherine II. Here are preserved merchant houses , old mill merchant Malyushkin , hospital building of the XIX century , which had already been conducting operations , the temple of the Holy Trinity in 1813 , etc.

The picturesque village , had once been rich , was founded on the left bank of the Volga in 1770 Orlov brothers , who gave the land Empress Catherine II. Already at the beginning of the XIX century became Ekaterinovka cultural trade and administrative center Catherine parish. It opened a trade school , college zemskoe female , male two-year School of the Ministry of National Education , parochial school diplomas.

Built mill, wharf, worked weather station , post office, telegraph, hospital, pharmacy merchant Ushakov , retail shops , tanneries and salotopnye places , various workshops.

Has survived steam mill merchant hlebotorgovtsa Malyushkin , built in 1890. During the Great Patriotic War in the mill building of the Belarusian city of Karachi was evacuated factory twisted products. The past few years, the company is not working. Mill building is empty.

Interesting and old hospital complex ( clinic , hospital, home for the head physician and home for nurses ) . In the main building remained operational sample of the XIX century , operating table , medical instruments . Another building " dozhivshee " to this day - still serving veterinary hospital built in 1870 .

Ekaterinovka primarily be of interest to tourists interested in the architecture of the XIX century , photographers , lovers of mysteries and puzzles , as well as anyone interested in the history of the province.

Bezenchuksky district is located in the west of the Samara region. Year of Education - 1935 . Population - 42.4 thousand people. Area - 1988.8 m. km . 49 settlements. Administrative center - urban village Bezenchuk . Distance to Samara - 63 km .

The main rivers - the Volga, Bezenchuk .

Economy . Bezenchuksky area has the status of agricultural science center of the Volga region . The district is the GNU "Samara NIISKh them . Tulaikova " , known in Russia and abroad. It is an organization dedicated to breeding and seed field crops, cultivation of elite seeds and planting material , the development of advanced technologies of cultivation and harvesting of crops for the enterprises of the Samara region and other regions of Russia .
Other attractions. Specially protected areas

s. Ekaterinovka - Pine Grove ( age of trees about 70 years).

urban village Osinki - Genkovskaya forest belt . Established in the 80s of the XIX century . Is about equal parts Bezenchuksky Khvorostyanski areas and passes along the road Samara Khvorostyanka , has the largest extent of all stripes Genkovskih area - 25, 1 km . Attraction bands are 90 - year old pines .

s. Natalino , Ol'gino - Maytuganskie solonetses .

s. Prepolovenka - Borovoye lake . Is a " holiday camp " waterfowl migratory birds. In the area adjacent to the lake, found 82 species of medicinal herbs .

urban village Bezenchuk with . Ekaterinovka - tract " Makar ".

s. Alexandrovka - Lake Linkov ( nesting and feeding of the hunting- fishing and rare birds : swans , herons, ducks ) , Alexander floodplain ( oak, ash, birch).
Tourist routes operating in the area Bezenchuksky (details on each site of the district administration )

Tourist route number 1 " disturbing my soul and heart Bezenchuk ."
The purpose of the tour: to acquaint visitors with the history of the village, the monuments of history , culture and architecture.

Tourist route number 2 " Catherine gift"
The purpose of the tour: familiarity with the history of the village and parish Ekaterinovsky , with life of the early twentieth century merchants .

Tourist route number 3 "Journey to Ivanovka " ( Nikolsky )
The purpose of the tour: familiarity with the Chuvash national village , lifestyle Chuvash , their legends , folklore , customs, traditions and rituals.

Tourist route number 4 "Eco - journey to the farm Gorbunova and Tui Bakht "
The purpose of the tour: acquaintance with the monuments of nature Bezenchuksky district. Seen the first settlements in the district , Genkovskih belts , the Alexander reserve , the temple village Kanuevka .

Tourist route number 5 " Ukrainian farms " with . Preobrazhenka
The purpose of the tour: familiarity with the history of one of the oldest villages in the region , with the Ukrainian national culture, customs , traditions and folklore. Visiting club " Ukrainian sittings"

Tourist route number 6 " Black Gold District"
The purpose of the tour: familiarity with the history of oil production in the area. Visiting oilfield cultural institutions ( clubs, libraries , etc.)


Website of the district administration - http://admbezenchuk.ru/index.php

Website administration rural settlement Ekaterinovka - http://admekaterin.ru/


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