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The Monument to a Dog

Location: Togliatti








A German shepherd was sitting on the road waiting for its masters who had perished in the car accident for seven years. After the dog’s death people erected a monument to the animal, which was dedicated to his devotion. As the citizens say, a young couple died in the car accident on the Southern Highway in 1995. The dog was in the car with them, but escaped death by miracle. Since the day of the tragedy he had hoped that his masters would return and had waited for them all the year round in any weather. The citizens started to call him “Devoted”. Several times the dog was given a shelter by kind people but he always returned to the place on the road. Even when a kennel was built for him the dog ignored it and kept from lying inside and stayed on the road soaking in the rain and freezing in the wind for seven years. Before the death he must have wanted to see the people so dear to him. After the dog had died the citizens at once erected the board saying, “To the dog who taught us love and devotion”. Two years after the dog’s death a bronze monument with two words on it: “The Monument to Devotion” appeared.

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