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Tsar Burial Mound

Location: Samara Region, Krasnoyarsky Municipal District







Tsar burial mound is standing like a guard at the Volga River. It is one of the most valuable historical memorials. It has an unusual form of a dome. First notes about Tsar burial mound we can find in Duke Adam O’Leary’s book. He was a foreign ambassador and a traveler who visited these sites in the 17th cent. He wrote that on the left side, not far from the bank, they had seen a round bare sandy mount lying on a plain. They told that under this mound one Tatar prince Mamaon had been buried. He sailed up the Volga and wanted to conquer all Russia. But he died here. And his numerous soldiers brought the ground to his grave in their hats and shields. That’s why a mound grew.

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