Mount Strelnaya

Location: First, you should address Zhigulevsky Natural Biosphere Reserve, named after I.Sprygin (1, Zhigulevskaya st. the Bakhilova Polyana village, Samara Region)

GPS: 53.430202,49.770197

Email: zhr@samtel.ru

Web: http://www.zhreserve.ru/




Route to the mountain Strelnaya is one of the most popular in the Samara region. Due to the existence of reserve status of this territory this it a unique natural complex with the ancient relic communities in the Volga region of pine forests and rocky steppes.  The history of the origin of the name of Strelnaya mountains dates back to the freemen of the Volga, where treeless rocky ledge on top of it served as a convenient place to watch the robber . With this natural watchtower, or "Strelnaya", as they used to say, the area "exposed to fire" look for tens of miles neighborhood . Seen from a distance merchant Chelny no hope to get away from the plane of the Cossack . The excursion includes a road trip , during which you can see the natural features of the Lada , the history of development and settlement of the region , the real fun and enjoy excellent views.

The excursion route is 15 km, of which 9 km along the northern boundary of the reserve to the Zolnoye village, 6 km across the reserve. Tour Duration is 4 hours. The walking tour takes about 30 minutes.

You can ask for this excursion, by addressing Samaraintour, Skazka Stranstvij travel companies

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