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Shentalinsky Municipal District

Legend says that his sonorous name Shentala village owes overseas visitors. Old-timers told me that if a traveler would a German engineer, captive beauty of the surrounding locations, exclaimed: "Shental! ", which means "Beautiful Valley".

Nature here is indeed a uniquely fabulous. Railway station itself as it is inscribed in the natural landscape . Particularly well seen all beauties of nature from a bird's flight. District Centre - Shentala - located on hillock, and around the outskirts of the village streets and growing magnificent forest of deciduous and coniferous trees.

Not far from the regional center - in the village of Old Shentala - is a unique museum , created based on the outstanding Mordvinian Chuvasheva folklorist Michael , who in his life has collected more than 2,000 songs monuments Mordva people . Museum created by local enthusiasts , the main of which - the museum's director , pupil of national education, honored teacher of Russian , an honorary citizen Shentalinsky district Tatyana Volkova . Material began collecting in the early 1990s . A grant , created a museum . The exhibition is divided into two parts: an ethnographic , which is described and illustrated life of the peasants of centuries past , and on the life of Michael Chuvasheva . After the opening of the collection of materials continued. More than two thousand of folk culture (songs, laments , weeping , lyrical works ) found Chuvasheva were published in two volumes, " The spiritual heritage of the peoples of the Volga region: the origins of living ."

Mikhail Ivanovich Chuvashev - Erza folklorist , ethnographer , local historian . Born in 1909 in the village of Red Erzyan Keys now Pohvistnevsky region of the Samara Region. Worked as a teacher of physics in Staro - SHENTALINSKY secondary school № 2 . Member of the Great Patriotic War , Commander of the Order of the Red Star and the Order of Glory .

Michael Chuvashev engaged in collecting , recording , processing and Mordvinian Russian folklore, rituals and customs Erza . Was the initiator of the broadcast organizations ' box folk songs "on local radio , has collaborated with composers , musicians , poets , scientists, Moscow , Estonia, Mordovia. Many years of exploratory work in Samara and Orenburg regions , Tatarstan, Chuvashia, Mordovia allowed to gather a wealth of material that is stored in museums of Finland , Estonia , Mordovia, St. Petersburg.

Shentalinsky district is located in the north area. Year of Education - 1935 . Area - 1 338.2 km ². Population - 17,800 people. 60 settlements . Administrative center - the village Shentala . Distance to Samara - 188 km .

Main rivers.

Kondurcha, Bolshoy Cheremshan, Bolshoy Surush.


Main industry - agriculture. Butter making factory.

Other Points of Interest

In SHENTALINSKY area many beautiful and interesting places to stay - lakes, rivers, trees , forests . One of the tourist mecca in the area is Yermolovskoye Lake, which is located between the villages of Yemel'kin , Canas and 7 km from the village of New - Eshtebenkino . Locals say that the lake is an artificial lake of the same name in place of the ravine, which was named in honor of a Yermolov .

Municipal Administration web: http://www.shentala.ru/

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