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Khvorostiansky Municipal District

Lipovka rural areas are wildely known for ecotourism. Soon there will be Russian manor house where you can relax from the concrete jungle and feel the charm of rustic romance. The project is implemented Samara entrepreneur and philanthropist Gennady Tatarinov .

On the future site of the manor has pitched at 3.5 ha apple orchard , organized hayfield , brought to pasture cattle - sheep, cows , horses, 2 hectares planted currants . And cleared the river Chagrov and made ​​the beach in a small pond launched carp , grass carp , silver carp , carp , crayfish . Also here will be built concert hall for musical evenings in the open air and houses for ecotourists . Full swing and restoration house, which is already more than a century . The building once belonged to a noble family Samarin .

"I want to give people the opportunity to come here as a family for the weekend - said Gennady Tatarinov . - Get some fresh air , eat organic foods , take a horseback riding. This is why we have developed such a construction . "

Locals also seek to equip the village . For several years they clean springs around Lipovka . One of them recently consecrated. Next to this is now a sacred source , there is a pool, a large gazebo , a table, a place to stay . Spring decorated with small cascade of artificial waterfalls .

Khvorostyanski district is located in the southwest of the Samara region. Foundation year - 1935 . Area - 1844.6 m. kilometers. In the south and south-west region is bordered by the Saratov region . Population - 15.4 thousand people. In total there are 27 settlements. Administrative center - the village Khvorostyanka . Distance to Samara - 130 km .

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Industrial production is represented mainly the processing of agricultural raw materials. In the district are JSC " Khvorostyanski dairy " processing plant in grain cereals in flour and sunflower seed oil.

Other Points of Interest

Khvorostyanka is a large area with flower beds, fountain, many monuments (there's even lions ), " Bridge of Love ", a symbolic nest with storks , which attach locks on the couple happiness after the marriage ceremony .



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