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Syzransky Municipal District

Sizran Municipal District is widely known for famous writers, who lived or worked there. They are fabulist Ivan Dmitriev, Russian writer Nikolai Karamzin, Nikolai Garin-Mikhailovsky, Soviet writer Konstantin Simonov and Fedin, writer and sisters Tatiana and Natalia Thick. Worked here Worker of public education , teacher - Democrat Ilya Nikolaevich Ulyanov , lived Graf Orlov , the hero of World War II , military writer and poet Denis Davydov , Prince Gagarin , landlords Durasova .

In the region there are many ancient villages . One of the most interesting is the village of Trinity . On its territory there are the two oldest age stone building not only Syzransky area, but also the entire region . This Bogorodskaya and Trinity (partially valid ) church , built in the XVIII century .

Unique in the village park with cedars, fir, larch , weeping birch and other trees . The park was laid Dmitrieva landowners , one of whom , a native of Trinity Ivan Dmitriev (1760-1873) was a famous poet in Russia and banopistsem , predecessor Krylova and Pushkin , the author of 80 love songs and fables . Dmitrievs Manor , according to one version - the founders of the village of Trinity , barely survived. Currently, the village has a library - museum of Ivan Dmitriev , where you will be happy to tell you about life fabulist .

Note near the Trinity are several tourist bus and walking routes - " Protected trails ", " robbing the tract ", " Three Lakes ", which will be of interest to both adults and children. For several hours, you can go to the rock- forestry kingdom on the territory of which in ancient times was held glacier advancing from the north. There are still preserved very interesting traces of glaciation : whimsical mossy rocks , boulders , caves and grottos and underground springs. On the route you can see the stone ridge , waterfall " Maiden's Tears ", " Kalmyk pits " dug Black monks cave of robbers , Hanging Stone .


Sizran Municipal District is located in the west area. Year of Education - 1935 . Area - 1887 m. km . Population - 24.9 thousand people. 69 settlements. Administrative center - the city of Syzran . Distance to Samara - 137 km .

On the territory of motorway Moscow - Chelyabinsk district is in close proximity to a major railway junction - station " Sizran ."

Main Rivers

Syzranka, Krymza, Tisherek, Kargalka, Igarka, Usa, Kubra .


The main industry - agriculture . In the area there are four leading industrial enterprise: SUE Balasheyskiye ore processing plant , JSC " Balasheyskiye Sands ", JSC " Balasheyskiye production plant ", JSC " Akor " (formerly remtehpredpriyatie ) .

Other Points of Interest

Staraya Racheyka . The village has preserved the unique built XVIII and XIX centuries .

Racheysky Bor (near the village of Old Racheyka ) . This is one of the largest in the natural pine array , the total area of which exceeds ten thousand acres. There remained the pre-glacial flora , Pine forest , rock outcrops , called stone trees.

Swamp Uzilovo (near the village of Old Racheyka ) . This small diameter reservoir depth of about twenty meters is a relic of the ice age .

Racheyskih springs in the mountains. Many of them are listed as natural monuments of the district or regional importance , such as the well-known Semiklyuche tract , located west of the village Smolkin . Here in a small wooded ravine , lost amidst a pine forest on a small square out of the ground has once seven sources of water of excellent quality. Also extremely picturesque , tract valuable also for its flora .

Kashpirsky holy spring . Tradition says that it was here in 1713 was miraculously revealed Fyodorovskaya icon Mother of God. The shrine was originally moved believers in Ascension Monastery , and in 1944 transferred to the newly opened Kazan Cathedral , which houses today.

In celebration Fedorovskaya icon July 8 near the source is made solemn liturgy and procession . Near a swimming pool built closed , there is a chapel where you can put a candle and pray.

"Pine well" spring in the village Gubino . People from the surrounding villages come to power for clean and potable water. Locals call it "Pine well ." Old people say , "How many remember ourselves , these four were always spring ." Spring water cures of colds , rashes , treats joint diseases . Locals always show its location .

Legendary cave near the village of Pechersk , which connects with the rumor Yermak , Stepan Razin and other popular leader. In the spring of 1670 peasant uprising leader Stepan Razin and his five thousandth detachment went to the Volga. Before the onset of Samara on Razin arranged their camp here .

Worker of public education , teacher - Democrat Ilya Nikolaevich Ulyanov opened a primary school in the village of Pechersk and secondary school in the village Gubino (now a former school Guba is a historical monument Syzransky district ) .

Hero of World War II , military writer and poet Denis Davydov lived on the family estate on the territory of the settlement Novoracheyskogo Syzransky district.



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