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Privolzhsky Municipal District

The main attractions of the Volga region is Samarins manor , which was destroyed by mistake authorities and Spasskaya irrigation system , which in its time one of the most significant land reclamation projects around the Volga region.

Manor Samarins Vassilyevskoe on the Volga ( now the village Privolzhe Samara region ) was one of the largest estates in the remote region of central Russia . It is known that the main house was designed by Moscow architect begins Modest Durnov (later - by Charles Theatre Aumont on Triumph Square and the railway station in Moore ) . It was an impressive three-storey building of eclectic architecture with a belvedere in the form of an octagon , covered with a dome . Plastered red brick facades, dryish and monotonous scenery makes the house a bit similar to industrial and farm buildings of the time.

In the late 1960s manor Samarins hit the Kuibyshev reservoir inundation zone . All of its main buildings were demolished by the authorities . However , ironically , the water to these places not reached .

Unfortunately, so far from the vast estate with a two-story stone house , marina , stables, distillery and woolen factory survived only a small part - office manager and entrance gate with hedge of red brick. Under reconstruction .

Note on the Volga living artist Vladimir Fedotov, his great-grandmother was a maid in the family of Alexander Dmitrievich Samarin and his wife Vera Mammoth ( we know it by Valentin Serov painting " Girl with Peaches "). For good service Samarins gave the woman a photograph ( vintage photograph kept by the artist ) .

And yet, when Vladimir Fedotov went to France , he met with one of the descendants of the genus Samarins - Ulyana Sergeevnoj Samarinoy living Paris and worked all his life in UNESCO. Artist gave her the painting , which depicted Samarins estate on the Volga , and a handful of soil from the area .

Volga district is located in the southwest region. Year of Education - 1930 . Area - 1380 m. km . Population - 25.2 thousand people. 24 settlements . Administrative center - the village of Volga. Distance to Samara - 145 km . The area is bordered to the Saratov region .

The main rivers - the Volga, Cagri .

Economy . The main activity - agriculture. The area is located Spasskaya irrigation system , construction of which in 1970 was declared the All-Union shock Komsomol construction project . At one time it was one of the most significant land reclamation projects around the Volga region.
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Monuments of nature:

Davydov pine - a unique habitat Stone Curlew in the Samara region, on the Saratov Reservoir .

Fedorov oak forest - old-age (about 60 years) oak forest seed origin on the terrace of the river . Volga .

Nizhnepecherskaya oak forest - old-growth oak forest near the village Nizhnepecherskoe with diverse fauna ( birds, rabbits , wild boars , badgers , deer , foxes , martens ) .

Kashpirsky pine forest stand (village Kashpir ) - old-age (60-80 years) planting of Scots pine .

Lake " Camp " - located in the village of Novo- Zavolzhie floodplain lake length of 500-600 m, a width of 100 m and a depth of 2-3 m , richly waterfowl and fish.

The area has seven game farms with a total area 135,500 hectares. There are fishing and hunting base "Luck ."

Website of the district administration - http://www.pv.samregion.ru/

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