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Pestravsky Municipal District

On the border of Samara and Saratov regions is ravine Vavilov Dol, near which once housed an underground monastery. Despite the fact that the building blew up in Soviet times , the locals believe that the monastery secretly still in effect , but it is inhabited exclusively saints immortal monks .

Vavilov Dol (locally known as Avilkina Dol ) is on the border of Samara ( Maloarhangelskom south of the village ) and Saratov region ( near the village of Burnt Guy ) .

According to legend, here in the reign of Peter I in the woods along the river Large Irgiz was buried chieftain Babylas . Rogue was captured by soldiers blinded and thrown into the burning forest to die. Escaping from the fire, a blind man came to the wild ravine , the place of his future spiritual feats. Near the creek Vavila dug a cave and spent the rest of life repentance , crying and prayers. Having heard about the hermit began to come to him seekers strict life. Caves became more and monks joined their galleries. So there was a cave monastery .

In 1914, on one of the hills at the ravine was built by St. Nicholas Church . In 1929, the church and the entrances to the cave monastery blew up part of the monks and the elders were shot on the spot. After allegedly locals over the grave of the elder Babylas repeatedly seen radiance from the ground heard the singing of the choir invisible , and the bells . Within the walls of the ravine allegedly noticed cracks where light streamed and the smell of incense. Many villagers believe monastery is still in effect .

Currently, there built a chapel , and a well equipped Hot .

Pestravsky area is on the south of the region . Year of Education - 1928 Area - 1960 m. km . Population - 18.3 thousand people. 30 settlements . Administrative center - the village Pestravka . Distance to Samara - 110 km .

The main rivers - Large Irgiz .

Economy . Leading industry is agriculture .
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Temple of Archangel Michael in the village of High almost 160 years. It was built of pine logs in 1854. Architects still surprised the building , do not understand , whereby everything is kept . Note this is the only church in the district , " survivor " of the USSR .

Temple three-altar . Left limit in honor of John the Baptist , right - in honor of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker . Capacity - 1800 people . During the Soviet years, the temple was used as a granary . The iconostasis is not preserved. Temple again opened its doors to worshipers in 1946.

Website of the district administration - http://www.pestravsky.ru/

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