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Bogatovsky Municipal District

The pride of the district is the holy lake near the village I will go , take a dip in the blessed waters of which go not pilgrims not only from Russia but also from other countries.

Holy lake near the village 'll go Bogatovsky district is famous for its healing . History , too, it is wonderful and mysterious. In the 1960s, two selchankam in the hole on the lake was the icon of the Mother of God . Women talked about what they saw and were persecuted for it by the Soviet authorities . One of them could not stand back on his word - and died three weeks later ... Second - Zoe Egorovna Gordeeva - died only in 2006 , and before that in life with joy told her story to everyone. "While I was working on a pig farm pig-tender , which was located on the shore of the lake. It was winter - quoted Zoe 's Yegorovna www.svyato.info. - I arrived on a horse and just started to draw water out of the hole , as the water has extraordinary light shone all shone . This radiance I saw the church , the altar , the Mother of God , Saint Nicholas , angels, archangels . I ran around the hole, screaming , crying. Here we would like to draw water woman who worked at a nearby chicken farm. She also saw a miracle. That same night, the inhabitants of the surrounding villages saw a pillar of fire descended from heaven into the lake . "

That just did this lake in Soviet times ! Local authorities lake filled with manure , straw , filled with diesel fuel , to disperse people from the fire hoses . But self-cleaning water , heavenly visions on the lake continued. Their witnesses became both locals and visitors . All miracles , and they were and still happens a lot , you'll be happy to tell the villagers moving out .

To pray and to light candles can be in nearby chapel in honor of Our Lady of Kazan and the ancient temple dedicated to Saints Cosmas and Damian disinterested from Asia .

Bogatovsky rasplozhen district in the east of the Samara region. Year of Education - 1935 . Area - 824 km ². Population - 16,000 people. 32 settlements . Administrative center - the village rich . Distance to Samara - 92 km .

The main rivers - Kutulukskoe reservoir.

Economy . Mainstream - agriculture.
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Natural attractions :

National nature monument of local importance " Kutulukskaya oakwood ."

Kutulukskoe Reservoir, created in 1938 , an area of ​​2150 hectares.

Group of lakes near the village I will go under the name Il'men .

Fedorov oxbow .

Historical and cultural monuments (buildings, building complexes XIX-XX centuries ) preserved in the villages rich , Vilovatoe , Maksimovka , Marychevka , I will go , Trostyanka on Filling Station .

Website of the district administration - http://bogatoe.samregion.ru/

Unofficial site area - http://www.bogatoe.info/

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