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Bolsheglushicky Municipal District

In the museum you will see Bolshelushitsky district unique and very interesting exhibits - accordion with a keyboard made ​​of shells , which is not inferior to the factory to his "brother" , family tree with hundreds of representatives of one of the families of the village , etc. And so what stories are told here - heard !

Large 'll Gluszyca , be sure to go to the local historical museum . Here you will see amazing artifacts . Thus, the museum has an accordion , which from 1934 to 1938 locals gather - Mikhail Vorobyov - of sorts , end-of- century household items . In particular, the white keys on the keypad master made of shells Irgiz River . Bayan often sounded in the postwar period . Another resident, donated to the museum as a gift to a kind of genealogical research . On the "map" printed photos of hundreds of his already deceased and relatives who are still alive . There is an exposition dedicated to the Great Patriotic War . Five grams of sugar , twelve grams of cereals, 150 grams of bread - you 'll see firsthand how small was the daily norm warrior Stalingrad ...

Also in the museum - ancient native land ( paleontological and archaeological complexes) , wildlife, country life and farming sections on the Civil War and the Great Patriotic War , the socio-cultural development of the region at the present stage .

Note Bolsheglushitsky historical museum located in an old mansion of the XIX century. Once the building belonged to the merchant Mironov . Each floor is made of different materials : the first - of brick (it held balls ), the second - from a tree (where the hotel is located ) , top - attic , the roof is decorated with wooden lace. Museum since 1981 , before the building was the People's House and the State Bank .


Bolsheglushitsky district is located in the southeastern part of the Samara region. Year of Education - 1928 . Area - 2534 km ². Population -20,000 people. 33 settlements. Administrative center - the village of Bolshaya Gluszyca . Distance to Samara - 110 km .

Main Rivers

The district takes the most meandering river in the world Big Irgiz Karalyk tributaries , Big Gluszyca , Zhuravlikha , Talovka .


Bolsheglushitsky - a highly specialized area of ​​the southern border of the agricultural zone area. The main direction of specialization of agricultural production - grain .
other Sites

In the area there are several nature monuments :

The river originates Karalyk - water natural monument, located north -east of Kamennodolsk . Of a deep ravine follows several streams of spring origin, forming Karalyk river , the main tributary of the River Great Irgiz in its upper reaches .

Dubovenky peg . Located four km away from . Dergunovka . Two forest tracts in the tops of spurs Popova ravine.

Popov Garden - botanical nature monument , located south -east of Kamennodolsk . On the eastern slope extensive beams - a green oasis with the presence of rare for these places of species: oak, maple , birch and willow . Follows the slope of the spring .

Frunzensko Karalykskaya - forest belt - botanical nature monument , located near the village of Frunze and refers to the lands Bolsheglushitsky forestry. Shelterbelt width - 100 m In essence - this green shield in the way of hot winds .

The village Tashkustyanovo restored mosque , where more than a hundred years.

Website of the district administration - http://www.bg.samregion.ru

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