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Alekseevsky Municipal District

The great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy wrote about Samara steppes:

And the air and grass, and dry, warm and do what they will love steppe

For twenty years, the writer came to the steppe region, located on the territory of present Alexeevski district . In many of his works describe the beauty of the steppes and local identity, customs and traditions of the inhabitants of the Trans-Volga .

In steppe Volga, as often referred to these lands , the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy visited several times . Writer loved the steppe , its vast , dry air and healthy people especially , distinguished by its simplicity and diligence .

For twenty years, from 1862 to 1883 , Leo came here ten times. Eventually he bought two estates near Alexeevka seven thousand acres , has studied the life and customs of the local population. It is known that the writer of the rules here four of the six volumes of " War and Peace" , mulling over the characters , elaborate on the details.

Acquiring property, Tolstoy built on their land stud where the best specimens collected thoroughbred horses . During the arrival of the graph were not uncommon folk festivals , fairs and sporting events. Especially popular with residents of nearby villages enjoyed racing, which were held annually in the name day of Leo Tolstoy . This tradition is reborn.

The memory of the writer's life in the steppes Alexeevski district has been immortalized , thanks to the work Alekseevskogo journalist , painter , sculptor , local historian Ivan Afanasyev. Fascinated by the history of the region , he wrote the book " Leo Tolstoy in Samara Zavolzhie ." On-site estates of the great writer on the initiative Afanasyev were installed memorials erected a memorial sculpture complex in the center of the village , in the park, in the street appeared Alekseevko Leo Tolstoy .


Alexis district is located in the southeast of the Samara region. Year of Education - 1935 . Population - 13.3 thousand people. Area - 1890 km ². 28 settlements. Administrative center - the village Alexeevka . Distance to Samara - 130 km .

Main rivers

Syezghaya (left tributary of the River Samara ), Mocha (old name Chapaevka river, a left tributary of the Volga) .


Alexis - border agricultural area with a diversified economic structure . Key areas of specialization area - grain, sunflower and livestock production .

Other Sites

s. Alexeevka - Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God (year of construction - 1896 , from 1932 to 1991 was closed ) .

s. Nutcracker - Church of St. Michael the Archangel (year of construction - 1870 , never closed ) .

s. Gavrylivka - Archangel Michael Church (built -2007) .

s. Gerasimovka - Church of the Intercession (year of construction - 2007) .

Website of the district administration - http://alexadm63.ru/

Unofficial site Alekseyevsky District : http://alekseevka-neo.ru/

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