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Zhigulevsky Sea Festival

Where? The Volga River opposite the promenade Avtozavodsky district of the Togliatti City.

GPS: 53.509639,49.241608

When? First week of February

Web: http://www.zhigmore.ru/

The event concept
Popularization of winter kiting as accessible and interesting entertainment for people of any age.


  • Athletes
  • Coaches
  • Spectators interested in spectacular winter sports.

The event program
Series of marathon races (40-60 km) in two classes - skiing and snowboarding and freestyle competitions in the same classes.

History of the Festival
Marathon was first held in 2006 and is one of the most popular events in snowkiting, three times, became the most popular in the world. In 2010, the festival was held the championship of Russia on winter surfing and snow kiting and in 2013 - the championship of Russia in the winter kite .

The participants
Leading and novice riders from many regions of Russia, as well as the near and far abroad, the coaches. Guests - representatives of the leading kite brand, reporters, photographers and camera crews local and national media, fans of Tolyatti and other cities. Entrance to the competition is always free .

Getting there
Personal transport, a direct train from Moscow to station Togliatti. From other cities - train to Samara or Syzran aircraft - to Samara Kurumoch Airport , then - by public transport to the intersection of the streets of Moscow and Sports Avenue and go down the road on the embankment .

Where to stay
In the hotel "Zvezda (Star)", in other hotels Tolyatti or in rented apartments. Book accommodation and transfer stations and the airport is available with the placement of the festival.

Sports Club "The Power of Wind ", a yacht club "Chemist" .
All information on the website : www.zhigmore.ru