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Megacomplex “Moskovskii”

The water park occupying 6700 square meters is a complex of water entertainment including swimming-pools, slides, and side-shows.

There are 9 swimming-pools of different size, 11 water slides, over than 30 side-shows at the guests’ disposal. The height of the starting point of the slides is 12 m.; their total length is over 500m. The total area of the water surface is 2000square meters.

The water park is equipped with the up-to-date equipment. The equipment makes it possible to create the most people-friendly and safe atmosphere: water temperature is - +28’, air - +31, air moisture is 65%. There is also the ventilation system and the 3-level-water-purifying system.

It is the exotic land of pleasure where there’s summer all the year round. There is also a bowling-center and a billiard-room available.

Owing to 33 lanes, it is easy to hold corporative parties, tours and competitions there. The billiard room for 83 tables is the largest in Russia. You can play billiard or pool.

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