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The Samara Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre

Location: 1, Kujbishev Square, Samara

Tel. 8 (846) 332-25-09, 332-30-51


The Samara Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre is one of the oldest opera houses in Russia. The first season started in 1931 by M. Musorgskij “Boris Godunov”. Since then the world opera and ballet classics – the golden fund of the musical art - forms the repertoire basis.

A special page in Samara history is connected with the Bolshoi Theatre, its opera troupe was on Kujbishev stage during the Second World War (October 1941 – September 1943). The important date in the world music culture is March, 5, 1942 when the Seventh (“Lenigradskaja”) symphony by D. Shostakovich was first played by the GABT orchestra.

The ballet troupe is mostly connected with the classical traditions of Saint-Petersburg, which is famous for the Vaganova ballet school.

The traditional music festivals the ballet one “In Alla Shelest honor” and the opera one “Samara Spring” continued the creative connections with the capital theatres.

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