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Cathedral Mosque

2 Larin Street, Togliatti, 4445044,

(8482) 22-69-74

Cathedral Mosque is the biggest Islam religious organization. The mosque is located in the central region of Togliatti. The construction lasted for 2 years and finished in 1996. Its full name is “zhamik – mosque”, that means “the most important for people cathedral”. During the big holidays (Kurban – Bayram, Urasa – Bayram) the mosque gathers throngs of about 3000 people. Since 1997 Abdul Karim Tazhetdin has been the imam of the mosque. Other muslim movements are represented by the Islam social-religious centre “Bayt – Allah”, the religious society “El-Nur”, the religious society “Vahdad” and organization of culture and Islam renaissance “Miras”.

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