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The Women Nunnery of Iverskaya God’s Mother

Location: Samara, Volzhsky Prospect, st. 1


It was founded in 1850. You can see a fence with small towers, churches and a bell-tower which is being built.

On the left on a hill you can see a small garden and the Drama Theatre. It was built in Russian style. The theatre is named after M. Gorky, a Great Russian writer.   

To the left we can see Strukov’s Garden which is the oldest in Samara. Many years ago it was a forest. Then the general Strukov owned it. But in 1849 the local government took the garden from the general and made it a public place. Electricity, a restaurant and a dancing ground appeared in the garden. The trees have been the same since those times. Nowadays it is a quiet place where one can breathe fresh air walking or sitting on a bench. Besides, the first city fountain appeared in this garden.

We are moving along the embankment again. This part of the embankment is the first one. That’s why it is often called the Old Embankment. The first decision to build the embankment was made in early 30s of the 20th cent. But because of the WWII they had to stop it, but started again only in the middle of the 20th cent. Here we can find playgrounds, cafes, a lot of flower-beds and bushes. There are also paths and benches to have a rest. The embankment is visited all year round. On the territory of the embankment there is also a river port, a hotel, a chapel and a sandy beach.

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