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Volzhsky Village

Volzhsky Village is situated on the left bank of the Sok River where it flows into the Volga. The historical name of the village is Tsarevzhina, which means the place where Tsars lived. The village was founded in 1702. The village consists of two parts. We are passing by the second one, where we can see a lot of modern block-of-flats. And a lot of new houses are being built now. The first part is older and there are more private houses there. There are also many shops, a hotel complex and an experimental factory. The village has very convenient junction with Samara, Togliatti, the airport and other districts and towns of the region and country. In 2011 the construction of a large traffic roundabout was finished. The new roads help to improve ecological conditions in this district and to allocate the traffic to different directions.

The enchanting panorama of the famous Zhiguli Gates, through which the Volga flows, is visible from here. They are often called the gate to Russia. The right side is the Zhiguli Hills and Mount Sernaya, and the left is the Sokol’y Hills and Tip-Tyav Peak. It is the narrowest place of the river. It is only 700m wide.

Sokol and Zhigul (a legend)

This is the story of two brothers Sokol and Zhigul who lived at that place many-many years ago. Sokol had a dog which was strictly ordered to guard their rest and repel animals, birds and wicked people. But even more strictly Sokol ordered his dog to prevent the Volga to come close. She wanted to get freedom and run directly to the sea. The Volga sent her servants – waves – to scout. They crawled to the brothers but the dog was on the alert. It barked loudly. Having woken Sokol and Zhigul chased the Volga away. But once the Volga came to know that Sokol allowed pretty girls to climb his powerful shoulders and gather flowers there and if the dog barked at them he beat it. The Volga turned into such a pretty maid that the brothers had never seen before. She came close to them and they stood fascinated with her beauty. And then having found a moment the cunning capricious river rushed forward with such a force that the brothers moved apart and a noisy stream flew between them. The dog could only bark “Tip-Tyav”. So, today two brothers Sokol and Zhigul stand forever divided by the Volga. 

The village is situated at the bottom of the Sokol’y Mountains. We could see a lot of buildings with different architecture in the village. But the most significant one is the old church. We can see it on the right. The church was built in 1833 and now it’s one of the oldest in Samara region. It is located at the Tsar burial mound.   

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